I am Stasia Salvucci,
one woman show behind The Cave Lady
(formerly The Stray Arrow). 

I grew up in the history soaked soil of New England. It has driven my aesthetic in all art forms I’ve delved into, from oil painting, to darkroom photography, to metalsmithing. Core basics like the woodlands, the mythological and mystical, and for lack of a better term, the primitive, are always present. I have work ranging from the bare bones of body adornment (what I consider to be 'the primitive', i.e. foundation), to embellished statement pieces. My jewelry is all made with rare stones and precious metals with some base metals thrown in. Occasionally I'll use tanned deer hide from the local powwow. I use basic silversmithing tools in my little studio. I've always found when someone's tools are restricted, they get more resourceful and creative. 

I’ve always had a passion for collecting and amassing little “squirrel piles” of trinkets. Small stones, shells, pieces of white birch bark, and other handheld items would adorn my windowsills and walls. Now I pour this love into my natural stone and gemstone collection for jewelry, with a focus on American mined rare turquoise and Eastern Woodlands wampum. My work is an extension of my overall aesthetic and nickname: The Cave Lady. Archaic and heirloom.

I am currently based by the beautiful sea in Portland, Maine.