Rock Appreciation Day. November

For each 1st of the month a different stone or gemstone type will be highlighted and given information on. Jewelry examples using that month's stone will be featured along with current for sale pieces using the stone. As a general disclaimer, I am no lapidary (stone) artist nor gemologist. All information I post here is researched by myself and sources for stone/mineral information can be given upon request. 

For Rock Appreciation Day this month we have:  


 Labradorite is a stone that always reminds me of butterfly wings, ice storms and the sea. It is known for its varying green to blue flashes and shard like striations, the more brilliant the flash the more sought after. A member of the Feldspar category, it ranges on the MOH's hardness scale at 6-6.5. The flash this stone type is known for is from labradorescence; an iridescent optical effect.  

Pictured above: sold labradorite and rainbow moonstone rings.

In terms of mythology, there is an Eskimo Inuit legend about labradorite. The legend says the Northern Lights were imprisoned on the coastal rocks of Labrador and a warrior's spear freed most of the lights. What remained was labradorite. 

Pictured above: Sold labradorite stacker.

Labradorite has also been found in Norway, Finland, and other places around the world besides Canada. Related stones are spectrolite (another form of labradorite) and larvikite. Metaphysically labradorite is known for transformation/change, and aiding intuition, among other qualities. 

More sold pieces with labradorite below:

These labradorite pieces are still currently available! Click their photos for a link:

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